Ionel Ungureanu (26)

Ionel Ungureanu was born 1995 into a family of musicians.
At the age of four he started playing the violin and soon the first performances should follow: In 2003 he won the second price at the „Concours International de Violon Alexander Glazunov“ being only eight years old. In the years from 2004 to 2008 he won throughout first prizes at „Jugend musiziert“.

In 2006 he started his junior studies with Prof. Ute Hasenauer at the „Pre College Cologne“ and continued in 2011 with Prof. Marco Rizzi in Mannheim. 2014 he began his bachelor studies with Prof. Nachum Erlich in Karlsruhe.

Ionel formed diverse musical interests in this period: He started to compose and arrange music, played with great pleasure in baroque ensembles, founded the sinti/jazz-band „Borsch4Breakfast“ and became the violist in the „Erlich-Quartett“. Fascinated by the sound, he later began studying the viola with Prof. Roland Glassl in Munich.

Ionel played as principal viola in the „Junge Deutsche Philharmonie“, currently he is a scholarship holder at „Villa Musica Rheinland-Pfalz“ and academist of the „WDR-Sinfonieorchester“.